into the wild: an urbanist

About Handi

Handi Chandra PUtra / 2019-06-29

I’m a postdoctoral associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL). I earned my PhD in Planning and Public Policy from the Bloustein School, where my research focused on social behavior simulation by combining planning and policy perspectives and quantitativeapproach. I am also an affiliated researcher of the Rutgers Center for Green Building. Prior to joining LBL, I was a research fellow and a lecturer at UniversitasTarumanagara in my hometown, Jakarta. I mostly write about urban resilience, urban complexity, real estate planning, and building simulation. I realize that I am abit mix of everything, yet, I don’t really like to have my food mixed. I like side dishes. I also prefer to capture landscape and wildlife with my camera, which I share here.